Protection dog for sale

Protection dog for sale

Protection Dog For Sale




The price of a personal protection dogs for sale will change depending on the dog’s physical capability and attributes. When protection dogs get imported they will identify the strengths of the dog with no training and put them on a training programme which best matches their skills. Each different programme will improve the dog’s basic skills and can be trained to learn more advanced skills. Import dogs alone are trained for basic obedience; however, protection dogs are trained through complete obedience package and basic to advanced protection.

Level 1 Protection Dog

Each dog will be assessed on a protection level, these levels will change depending on the training the dog has received. Level 1 protection dogs are usually prices around £7,000 to £8,000 what does level 1 include? Level 1 training programmes will include teaching the dog to show aggressiveness on command and will bite if the owner tells the dog to on command. Level 1 dogs are commonly trained to defend themselves and the family who have brought the dog.

Level 2 Protection Dog

Will be trained to have a similar stance as the dog trained with level one, however, level 2 dogs are trained on how to win a fight with aggression. With this training skill, a protection dog will analyse the attacker and work out the best way to defend its owner or family. When trained like this protection dogs will not back off from any intruder. The dog will understand strong commands. Depending on the situation the owner will be able to tell the dog to bite and realise on command. Dogs with level 2 training can range in price from £9,500 to £10,500. This dog will also remain safe around your family, however, understands when being attacked who its family is and who the victim is.

Level 3 Protection Dog

Will have received all training methods including both level 1 and level 2. Personal protection dogs trained at level 3 will battle multiple assailants by biting them and holding on to them either on their leg or arm. The dog will be giving off a very aggressive stance and if attackers have still not stopped it will attack all assailants with the attacker, level 3 dogs will never give up a fight until their owner and family are safe. When commanded the dog can be sent off its lead on an assailant, the dog would chase them down and go to bite them however this dog is very trained so when told to call off the dog will understand the owner. The dog will then hear its owner and immediately stop. Dogs with this level of training will cost from £14,000 up depending on how much training the dog will have.