Personal Protection Dog

A personal protection dog is becoming the latest must-have accessory in the fight against crime. Most of us have house alarms and other security in our homes, but it seems the criminal masterminds are finding new and more aggressive ways of breaking.

There have recently been many reports of burglaries and attacks on footballers and other TV personalities homes with some getting attacked and robbed whilst they are relaxing in the comfort of their own homes, reports of expensive jewellery and watches being stolen are becoming more and more common.

So, some are looking at ways to deter and stop these criminals, the main thing this year must be the personal protection dog.

A personal protection dog is not just simply a pet, although it should be part of the family also the personal protection dogs main priority is to serve and protect its family, protecting them from any unwanted intruders.

A well trained personal protection dog will be able to carry out all the usual commands such as sit, stay, heel and walk, but they will have the added benefit of also being able to protect and attack command.

A well trained personal protection dog will in the first instance be able to respond to the initial threat of danger by barking and acting in a controlled and aggressive manner to the criminal, if the potential threat of danger becomes real the trained personal protection dog should attack and bite and hold onto the assailant until it is commanded to do so. Usually, an aggressive bark will do the trick and most would-be burglars will be frightened off, however, the dog should be able to take it one step further if required.

A good personal protection dog should (once the criminal has run off or been arrested), return to being a friendly family pet, they should be fully trained in returning as quickly to the pet as they are the aggressive threat detector.

Personal Protection Dog