Pet Neutering

Pet neutering is a surgical process that is used to prevent your dog or cat from reproducing.

In female animals, it is called spaying, in male animals’ castration.

Pet neutering will be carried out under a general anaesthetic, and for dogs and cats they will probably stay in for the day, all being well will be released the same day.

Dog and cat

Neutering a male dog can help prevent testicular cancer and other problems such as prostate disease, it is said when a male dog is neutered it may calm him down and stop him wandering off.

Neutering a male cat can alter the cat’s behaviour, they can become more affectionate, and will have less chance of catching leukaemia.

Pet neutering is a responsible thing to do as a pet owner. It can provide a range of health benefits and keep them happy and healthy. It reduces the risk of uterine infection, prostate disease (in male pets) removes the risk of unwanted pregnancies (in female pets) and there is a reduced cancer risk in neutered pets.

The cost of pet neutering depends on the pet you are asking to be neutered, be it a cat, dog, rabbit or ferret… all will have different prices, also the cost can depend on the size of your pet. Have a chat directly with your vet and they will be more than happy to advise the best option for your pet.

The downsides to pet neutering are few but they are worth considering, if you are having your pet neutered to try and change the behaviour it is not guaranteed, it can cause urinary incontinence although this is rare and it can alter the texture of the pet of their fur.